Stanimal & Shawn Rhoden Train 10 Days Out From Olympia 2018 | All Eyes On Olympia

Less than two weeks away and Stanimal is hyped ready for the competition.

We are less than two weeks away from the Olympia 2018 and Stanimal is ready to put the final touches on his impressive physique. In what will be his last time training in Gold’s Gym before the competition – Stanimal teams back up with Shawn Rhoden for some epic lifts and are showcasing increasingly dry physiques (from what we can see under the hoodies).

Stanimal also talks about paying it forward and wanting to give back to the bodybuilding community to help young aspiring bodybuilders the same way he was helped during his amateur years. It’s this kind of cycle that makes bodybuilding such a communal and beloved sport. Check out the full episode above!

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