Seth Feroce | Instinctive Shoulder Training
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1. Warm Up

1. DB Side Laterals – 3×12 (straight sets)
– 2 sets of Running the Rack (rep range each set between 6-12….higher reps with the lower weight and lower reps with the heavier weight)

Set 1- Start Low weight, 20lbs and increase weight each set by 5lbs until you reach a weight where you only get 6 reps! Take 10second rest between each drop set.

Set 2 – Start with heavier weight and work your way down the rack in the same manner as set 1.

Lots of Fuckin Blood!! Push yourself outside of your comfort zone!!

2. Machine Rear Delt Raises – 4 x 10-12
– SuperSetted with
Machine Presses – 3×12 (Lighter weight Full Range of Motion Reps)

3. Plate Raises – 4 x Failure (Super Sets MFers!!)
– 45lb plate front Raises with hands on the sides.
– 25lb plate side Raises – Right into Front Raises.
– 45lb Plate Front Raises with Hands on top of the plate.

Just keep moving!! Don’t think about the Burn!! Fuck it ! You are Working!!

4. DB shrugs – 5 x failure (keep shrugging til you can’t shrug anymore!) (keep rep Range above 8)

Take quick breaks, stay hydrated, and make sure you are using quality supps! Stay away from Stimulants for this workout. You want straight blood Flow!! Little bit of stims but a lot of Vasodilation!!!

Primeval Labs Vasogorge and IntraCell are my preference for vasodilation. Get the fuckin Pump!!