Seth Feroce – Chest Training | FST-7, Shorter Rest, & Moving WEIGHT!

Pre-workout Shake:
1.5 Scoops Fuel Pump
1 Scoop Demo Day

We are using moderate to heavy weight for this workout. We still want to get those 8-10 reps, but make sure you are moving the weight, even if the last few reps are half reps, just keep the weight moving!

1. Incline Barbell Presses – FST-7
– 7×10, 45 second rest between sets

2. Hammer Strength Presses
– 4×8-10, 45 second rest between sets

3. Pec Deck
– 4×8-10, 45 second rest between sets

4. DB Pull Overs
– moderate weight, want to feel a good stretch, but not too heavy that you aren’t feeling it!
– 4×8-10, 45 second rest between sets
– focus on sinking the hips as you arch and stretch the ribcage
– Open up that ribcage and feel the stretch

5. Incline Chest Press Machine (BURNOUT)
– 4×10, 30 second rest between sets
– Use DB if you do not have a incline machine
– Pick a weight that you can push for 10 reps for each set. you MUST get these reps!