Ronnie Coleman 2016 – Back in gym after 6 months!


Training isn’t as some people would have you believe. It takes dedication and having a specific goal in mind in order to bring about the change you seek. You can’t hit the gym for one day and expect to be ripped. When you take that under consideration, training as you get older becomes an even more difficult task. You start getting aches and pains you’ve never had before, certain exercises become impossible to perform, and overall your athletic abilities take a hit. Now imagine being injured on top of all of that and you’d find yourself in the same position as the great Ronnie Coleman.

An eight time Mr. Olympia winner, Ronnie Coleman is one of the most well respected bodybuilders in the world. At one point he was thought to be unbeatable, a true mass monster whose training sessions in the gym were absolutely legendary. But since retiring Coleman has faced a tremendous amount of adversity. He has been injured a number of times and has undergone surgery on more than one occasion, putting him on the sidelines often. It seemed that the days of Coleman wrecking it in the gym had come to an end.