Episode 4: Rich Gaspari & Lee Haney At The Arnold Classic | Gaspari: The New Era

The Arnold Classic weekend is such an epic moment of the year for bodybuilding fans and athletes alike – that we needed to split it into two episodes for Gaspari: The New Era. Rich and team are hustling non-stop to connect with fans and business retailers. With new products on the horizon – it’s important for Gaspari Nutrition to get the supplements in as many stores as possible across the world. With the Arnold Classic being a major hub for all things bodybuilding across the globe… there’s no better time to lock in connections.

Rich also meets with Classic Physique Mr. Olympia champion Danny Hester to talk a little about the new division and Hidetada’s recent placing in the Arnold Classic Men’s 212. Best of all – Rich also grabs lunch with his longtime friend and fellow competitor – Lee Haney – to discuss how they both found bodybuilding and just how far the industry has changed over the years. Watch the full episode above!

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