Recent: Ronnie Coleman

I have approximately 3 weeks of training left until my 8th and hopefully final back surgery. I’m having 6 screws, nuts, and bolts removed from my spine as a result of my last surgery, a level 4, 5 spinal fusion. I can honestly say this was the most painful surgery ever. I was in the hospital a whole month as a result of this surgery. My next surgery January 12th I’m only scheduled to be in the hospital 3 to 4 days. The Dr has already informed me that I’ll have to take off from Training 6 months so my body can recover. Their going to have to remove my intestines in order to take my spine out. This surgery will be performed from my abdominal region because I have to much scar tissue in my back from previous surgeries. This is one surgery I’m not looking forward to after the pain and suffering from the last one.

Ronnie Coleman (@ronniecoleman8),