Born To Overcome Movie CLIP | Kevin Levrone: “To Be A Top Olympia Bodybuilder You Have To Be Crazy”

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Watch this exclusive clip from Born To Overcome – starring Kevin Levrone. In this clip – Kevin talks to an up and coming bodybuilder about what it takes to be a top Olympia athlete. You need to be halfway crazy. Willing to vomit in the gym, willing to push your body to lengths that might kill you. In short, to be the best bodybuilder you can’t be worried about being sane or logical.

That’s the kind of mentality Kevin Levrone put himself back into when he prepped for his Mr. Olympia 2016 comeback. And it’s the kind of mentality that he puts himself through in his last comeback to the Arnold Classic Australia 2018. Watch him explain the depths of his on-season insanity in the clip above.

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