Jeremy Buendia Presents The First Annual OC Fall Festival

Jeremy Buendia 

There has been so many terrible things going on in our world as of lately and so much hate put out there that it was nice to have a day to promote what this world needs more of, POSITIVITY & LOVE

We put this event together in just 10 short weeks. Shocked a lot of people with how big it turned out to be! Go big or go home! I am very proud of this event and thankful to the influencers and performers who donated their time. Lives were touched this day.

I brought influencers in from different demographics, with different backgrounds, and different talents to showcase what they are meant to do! All of these individuals understand that there is a bigger picture other than what’s going on directly in our own lives. Making a difference by changing people’s mindsets, motivating people to do more, and to live their lives to its greatest potential. That’s what it’s about, that’s how we are all going to grow. Throwing shade around doesn’t do nothing for anybody, it’s a waste of time. Time in which you can better utilize to improve your life instead of holding it up.

I’m very proud of this event and the influencers and performers that participated. It means more to me than people would know. Knowing they believe in my vision and support it goes a really long way. All of the talent did a phenomenal job.

It was exactly what I did it was going to be. 7 hours of FITNESS, FUN, & FAMILY!