Hamstring Workout – Matt Wenning & Mike O’Hearn

Today I’ll be covering 4 killer hip hinging exercises, and 1 knee hinging exercise to target our hamstrings:

-Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift (Hip Hinging)
-Resistance Band Romanian Deadlift (Hip Hinging)
-Dumbbell/ Kettle Bell Swings (Hip Hinging)
-Band Pull Throughs (Hip Hinging)
-Seated Band Hamstring Curls (Knee Hinging)

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Like the bodybuilding greats before him, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno, Mike holds 4 Mr. Universe titles and was voted one of the 12 greatest physiques of all time by the fitness industry. Mike has been Team Captain for Bodybuilding.com, and has just been signed to be the Team Captain of MAGNUM Nutraceuticals.

Background in natural bodybuilding, strongman, power lifting, and mixed martial arts.
4 Mr. (Natural) Universe, Mr. California, Mr. USA, Mr. American and Mr. International. He is also a 4-time Power Lifting Champion, and 2-time Iron Warrior: Decathlon of Strength Strongman Champion, 2 Time California Judo Champion.

He is also the creator of -Power-Bodybuilding- a style of training and the principles he uses to achieve the longevity and success in his physique, and in the health and fitness industry.

When it comes to training the hamstrings, there are 2 types of movements we can use; the first and most common is a hinging at the knee. A great example of this is the seated hamstring curl; an exercise where you bring your heel towards your glutes in order to activate your hamstrings.

The second method for training the hamstrings is a hinging at the hip; which is what we’ll be focusing on mostly for our home hamstring workout. An example of this can be seen in the Romanian Deadlift. By bending at the hips to lift and lower our resistance, we must recruit our hamstrings to complete the motion; this movement is also great at recruiting our glutes and lower back too. The combination of these 3 muscle groups is what makes up our posterior chain, and allows us to effectively kill 3 birds with one stone.