Getting Your Mind Right | Seth Feroce

Some days get the best of us, today was one of those days for me. Had a bunch of meetings that went really great, but left me feeling overwhelmed and overly anxious. When it was time to nail down some new videos for you guys, my mind wasn’t in it. I couldn’t find the words, and after each take, it left me feeling more frustrated with myself.

This is when you need to reset your mind. Instead of being rude, impatient, or disrespectful to those around you, remove yourself and reset your mind. You must find that one thing that allows you to regain your mental stability. For me, its cardio and lifting weights. While it is important to take times like this for yourself, make sure you do not step over that line of it being overly selfish. A lot of us have kids and families, and this “alone time” or mental reset we need becomes harder to fit in. So try to fit it in, don’t be selfish, and help those around you when they need this time. Being overly anxious and frustrated with a situation is not going to make it better. Unless its manual labor, then f*ck that Sh*t Up! haha

I hope you guys pull something from this video. It is not something we like to talk to about, but jus know it is something we all battle with. Thanks for listening!