Frank McGrath Guest Posing 4 Weeks from Toronto Pro

Frank McGrath is 4 weeks out from making his 2013 stage debut. Known for these kick-ass Animal Posters photographed Brian Moss, McGrath has had a hard time living up to the persona Animal created. Worst, Mcgrath was in a debilitating car accident in the spring of 2010 that should have killed him let alone prevented him from lifting weights again.

Fast forward to Summer 2011 – Frank McGrath stepped on the PBW Championships in Tampa and took 3rd place in what had to be his best conditioning to date. If he had a bit more size along with his shredded look, McGrath would have taken out Marius Dohne and Hidetada Yamagishi.

Now the Wrath is back after taking the 2012 Bodybuilding season off.

At 4 Weeks out, McGrath is looking great on stage here in Bellevue, Washington. Just a few more weeks of growing into the contest, McGrath will be one to reckon with in the 2013 Toronto Pro SuperShow.