EPIC CHEST PUMP | Andrei Deiu & Jason Poston

INSTAGRAM ; @ andreideiu_
SET 1: 1 REP / 10 REP
SET 2; 2 REP/ 9 REP
SET 3; 3 REP/ 8 REP
SET 4; 4 REP/ 7 REP
SET 5; 5 REP/ 6 REP
SET 6; 6 REP/ 5 REP
SET 7; 7 REP/ 4 REP
SET 8; 8 REP/ 3 REP
SET 9; 9 REP / 2 REP
SET 10; 10 REP/ 1 REP

Jason is recovering from a minor injury so is limited to mostly pec flies on his chest day. The Poston swap set is a massive and intense finisher to be used for any body part. Use the PSS (poston swap set)to bust through a plateau, improve pump, improve endurance, improve definition, burn more calories or just to try something new. Jason does recommend intra workout carbs during the PSS for better glycogen replenishment. flexing and posing at the end of your PSS set will only add more neural activation with the muscle fibers to finish off the body part. Posing is a workout itself! hope you enjoy! Sorry about the swamp ass!