Blood Flow Chest Workout | Seth Feroce

1-2 Scoops – Fuel Pump
1 Scoop – Ignition Switch

WARM UP, get that chest and joints ready to move!

1. Pec Deck – 4×10-12
– Looking to push a ton of blood and get a nasty Pump

2. Smith Machine Incline Press – 4 x 6-8
– Last Set drop Set
– Now that your chest is warmed up and full, time to move some weight on these Incline Presses.

3. DB Pull Overs 3×10
– Focus on the stretch and opening up the rib cage
– Bench push ups in-between sets

4. Incline DB Flys – 3 “Seth Sets”
– a Seth Set is when you choose a weight: 70lbs and do it 10 times, and then cut the weight in half to 35lbs and double the reps(20), this is one complete Seth Set. If you get 8 reps with the first weight, do 16 reps with half the weight, etc.
– Really push on these. If you cannot get all the reps, set the dumbbells on your knees, take a 10 second break, and get back at it!

*Stay hydrated through this workout! You can add in a half a scoop to a full scoop of DEMO DAY incase you hit a wall.