Brutal Leg Day + Epic Circuit Workout | Tony Sentmanat & Branch Warren

Tony Sentmanat and Branch Warren train legs in the classic Branch Warren blood volume style followed by an epic circuit workout.
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Immediately follow that up with a circuit utilizing farmer carries, sled drags and sledge hammer swings. Priorities change but constant improvement stays!

“Put in the time, put in the work. There’s no magic pill. If you can take the pain, you’ll get stronger.”

| Tony Sentmanat & Branch Warren’s Brutal Leg Workout |
1. Leg Extensions: 00:35
2. Box Squats: 00:48
3. Leg Press: 02:20
4. Bear Squats: 03:35

| Tony Sentmanat & Branch Warren’s Epic Circuit Workout |
1. Hex Bar Farmers Walk: 05:08
2. Sled Pull: 07:07
3. Hammer Strike: 09:24